Legend Research Room

  • 2003 special feature:

    Dragon boat Festival in Guizhou Province (Miao Ethnic Minority), Southwest China:

  • 2002 Special Feature (Taiwanese Boats):

    Foreigners usually distinguish competitive dragon boats as so-called Hong Kong style or Taiwanese (Kaoh Shiang) style. The Hongkong style (actually the boats are similar or the same in Mainland China) is more popular in international races which usually specify the use of wooden boats of medium size, while the Taiwanese style boats are bigger and heavier and has much bigger dragon heads. TheTaiwanese style of racing , which is not allowed in any IDBF sanctioned championships, also requiry a "flag catcher" up front, lying on the Dragon's head and pull a flag out of a marker buoy at the finish point and wave it to signify the finish. The first flag up wins. Those dropping the flag will add 10 seconds (depending on organiser) to the finishing. [If the catcher drop in water with the flag in hand, then only the tail will count the finish ]. Pleasse view Taiwanese Government's official Duen Wu Festival site for video clip (http://www.gio.gov.tw/info/festival_c/dragon/dragon.htm) (ed. 2001/5/1, revised 2003.2.5)