Official Souvenirs

There will be more products at the Souvenir Booth this year.

Advance order welcome. You can even order some items with your team logo printed on them (e.g. T-shirts, paddles, etc.). Please contact the Secretariat for details.

The following products are manufactured with the special brand name of "Stanley Dragon Boat Races" ! Most of these items bear patterns or wordings of Stanley Dragon Boat (*indicated with asterisk * in the following table), and are available at the Souvenir Booths on the Race Day. Afterwards contact the secretariat for details(Tel:2813 0564). Just knock at our door. Must pick up yourself. ( No delivery service, except bulk order ) .

Enquiries from foreign or local teams and organizers are welcome. We can adapt the patterns to suit your order. Ordering our T-shirt for your team shirt with special additional pattern, extra cost of merely ten dollars per piece will be charged. Other items negotiable.

Renting Pontoon Please contact to the office

Organizing a dragonboat  event / facilities rental

  • Organizing a race and activity for the companies and different organizations.
  • Providing training to the dragon boat teams.
Please contact to the office


  • Black - Large
  • Grey - Medium
  • Red - Small

Padded Shorts

(specially designed for dragon boating)

  • 3 lengths
    - Short (female)

    - Medium (unisex)
    - Long (unisex)

  • 2 colours
    - black
    - dark blue
  • Waist options:
    S-1: 24", 26", 28", 30", 32"
    S-2: 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36" 38"








Big Chinese Flags

  • triangular
  • various colours
Race brochure colour 52 pages)   $20